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Understanding Car Insurance

Given Cullman’s central location between Birmingham and Huntsville on I-65, the city has experienced significant infrastructure development in the last few years. Anyone on the road needs to protect themselves with car insurance.

In 2017, there were 2,478 vehicle crashes in Cullman County. These led to 938 injuries and 20 fatalities. Local drivers clearly face their fair share of driving risks, and you never know if you might experience a driving mishap. But one thing is certain: any accident could cost you a lot of money. That’s why you need car insurance. Your policy will pay a variety of costs that might result from car accidents and driving hazards. With coverage you can afford to clean up the inconvenient messes in your life.


Alabama Car Insurance Laws

Car insurance is the law for all Alabama drivers. Drivers must carry proof of financial responsibility, and any policy issued in the state must contain bodily injury and property damage auto liability insurance.

  • Bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance: $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability (PDL) coverage: $25,000 per accident
Liability coverage applies because Alabama is an at-fault insurance state. At-fault states require the driver who caused the accident to pay for the losses of others. So, if you hit another driver, and the accident was your fault, liability coverage will help you pay for the other person’s damage costs.
  • PDL insurance will pay for the damage you cause to other people’s belongings. For example, the minimum PDL coverage will pay at most $25,000 for the other car’s repairs.
  • BIL coverage pays for the injuries that others sustain. The per person limits will pay at most $25,000 if one person gets hurt in the wreck. The per accident limit will pay at most $50,000 if more than one person gets hurt. Policies might also cover lost income and death benefits.
Liability policies will also help you receive legal assistance in case the parties you harm sue you.

Other Policy Options

Every driver registered in Alabama must have the required liability limits. However, coverage often can go a step further. Most insurers offer a variety of optional coverage that can help you cover more costs.

  • Most people can request higher liability insurance limits than the minimum limits.
  • Collision insurance will help you pay to repair your own car’s damage after a wreck.
  • Non-wreck hazards like fires, theft, falling objects or severe weather could damage your car. Comprehensive damage insurance can pay for the costs of this damage.
  • Another at-fault driver might not have enough liability insurance to cover the full cost of your losses. Your own policy, however, might offer uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It can help you pay the costs that someone else might not be able to.
  • If you want assistance paying for your own injuries in a wreck, you can purchase medical payments (med pay) insurance.
  • You might also have the choice to buy personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This insurance can pay medical costs. However, it can also cover costs like your lost income.

Insuring a Car’s Full Value

Some people worry about how they will afford a new car following an accident that totals their vehicle. If you are one of them, ask your agent if you can include either of the following options on your plan:

  • Replacement cost value (RCV) coverage can pay you enough money to replace your totaled car with one of similar value.
  • Gap insurance will pay you enough money to pay off the loan on your vehicle if it is financed. Since loan costs and vehicle values often vary, this coverage might prove a great help.


Understanding Your Costs

As an independent agency, we can compare a multitude of policy options to make sure you find the right car insurance. With our convenient office in Cullman, we provide customized coverage for clients in Good Hope, Vinemont, Falkville, Hanceville, Decatur, and Arab. Contact us today to learn more!

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